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Austral bal­lad

Duration of the performance : 25'.

This performance took place on March 17, 2017 at the Chaufferie in Strasbourg, during the Sismiques Festival.

This project was supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Photography: Antoine Lejolivet.

Dowload the dialog (Fr).

It is an internal ballad that the artist proposes to the audience. It articulates between them eight fictions (films and novels) whose common diegetic space is Antarctica.

The performance space is surrounded by filming equipment and video devices. In the center, polystyrene plates act as an ice floe.

It is a story in the making, a mental walk that activates and reactivates with a choreographic gesture the eight zones of the space, each one linked to a fiction, named by nouns from the field of cinematographic narration. Film dialogues and pieces of projected text make the zones "speak". The performance ends with a choreographic ballad, mixing all the gestures of activation, on the ice floe, which come to destroy it, on the song of Michel Berger "Le paradis blanc" (known to be his last solo piece).

Austral bal­lad